Does your child make in-game purchases? Take part in our research

We are looking for children and young people who spend money on in-game purchases, specifically on loot box style items.

Loot boxes are digital items in games that you buy with real world money and contain random contents of unknown value at the point of purchase. They are a bit like a lucky dip.

They have different names depending on the game. Examples include card packs in FIFA, cases in CS:GO, wheel spins in CoinMaster, incubators in Jurassic World Alive, pipe launches in Mario Kart Tour, and mystery boxes in Disney Emoji Blitz.

We’re interested in all sorts of games, including mobile games, video games, PC games, and online games.

The research involves two or three video calls (lasting no longer than an hour each) with Dr Rachel Gordon, who will talk to your child about their gaming and the purchases they have made.

A £20 shopping voucher will be given as a thank you.

If you are interested in participating and would like more information, you can fill in our enquiry form or email Rachel:

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