Between Gaming and Gambling investigates how gambling style systems in digital games are used and experienced by children and young people. Gambling style systems in games take many forms, such as loot boxes and card packs that players can purchase with real money to access randomised rewards like skins, weapons, and boosted character abilities. Many children and young people engage with games this way and are therefore exposed to gambling style systems. But we know very little about how children and young people understand and experience these activities – and there is currently no regulation in place to protect them from its potential harmful effects.

The project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), with researchers at both Newcastle University and Loughborough University.

@mills_sarah @YGAMuk @BBCLeicester @GamingGambRes @lborouniPR @lborogeog Great coverage. Thank you for making the explanation of loot boxes so clear and accessible. Brilliant way to support launch of a great resource and source of ideas for my chats with 14 year old gamer in my life

Great to talk live to @BBCLeicester this morning about @GamingGambRes project and @YGAMuk’s new Parent Hub #lootboxes #gaming #gambling @lborouniPR @lborogeog – interview starts at 1.17 mins

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