For Parents

Recruitment for the research

We are looking for families with children under the age of 18 who play mobile, video, PC, or online games in which they make in-game purchases. Families need to be located in the North East of England.

We’re interested in purchases like loot boxes, card packs, and wheel spins, where the contents received are random. Games might include FIFA, CS:GO, Coin Master, Overwatch, Jurassic World Alive, Disney Emoji Blitz, Sega Heroes, and Mario Kart Tour.

The research involves Dr Rachel Gordon coming to the family home for two or three visits to talk to your child about their experiences of in-game purchases and watch them play these games. Each visit will last no longer than an hour. The visits are video recorded with your consent. The video is only used by the research team and will not be shared. Your child’s involvement will be totally anonymous and they will be unidentifiable in all materials produced as part of the research.

For more information, contact Dr Rachel Gordon

Read our Information Sheet for parents.